Sunday, November 6, 2011

On the Streets: Charleston, South Carolina

{by Hailey Sadler}

Technically, it was a business trip. But it was also a wander-the-streets-take-photos-of-everyone’s-outfits trip. And in case you haven't been there, Charleston is pretty fantastic for fashion watching. Supposedly voted number one city for young professionals, it is a happening place and the streets reflect that. Crowded and busy Kings Street is my favorite, and if it weren’t for the enticing shops full of magical things like neon tights and boots that are buy one get one 50% off, I think I would sit down somewhere and just people watch. As it was, I did manage to play the fashion photographer between purchases, so here is a taste of what’s rocking Kings Street, Charleston, SC. 
Photography Disclaimer: All shots were taken somewhat in haste due both to the distractions of shopping as well as to an [none too successful] attempt at surreptitiousness. So don't judge. :) 
Fashion Disclaimer: None of the outfits expressed in this post are necessarily promoted as especially tasteful, appropriate, or recommended. They just caught my eye. So use your own judgment and standards in implementing any styles into your wardrobe, and enjoy the show.

Cool cowgirl boots.

Can anyone say messenger bag?
my favorite.

Bright pants were prevalent....

After all, stripes are in. [This dog had so much attitude].

I want a red coat.

And a white one.

Tiger ears are always.... charming?


Gray + coral= one of my favorite color combinations

Pure perfection.

The sniper herself gets shot :)


  1. How fun! Guess I should get me a messenger bag...

  2. what cool photos,lots of variety and interesting syles. that must've been a fun trip and a perfect time of year for a fashion photo-sniper because it was Fall enough to dress the part but not so cold that everyone was all bundled up.

    thanks for sharing

  3. Love this, Hailey! I've been dying to see some of these photos for a while...
    I went to Charleston not too long ago, but only for a day. It was really, cool though. I remember seeing a lot of boutiques and antique shops. Heaven! :)

  4. Love the show ! Great eye/photos seeing the variety !

  5. I know, Samantha, I'm on the look out for a messenger bag too!! Tell me if you find a good one...

    And yes, perfect time for a trip for that reason ...although there really is no bad time for a trip imo. :)

    Glad you enjoyed, Rachel; I posted this with you in mind!! :)

  6. This is so fun! My favorites are the first one with the bow, the boots, the skirts, and the adorable photographer in the fushia coat!! what were you doing in Charlotte? so beautiful!

  7. Haha thanks, glad you liked Bianca! I was in Charleston for a business trip actually, but [obviously] I made time for some funness too. :)