Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pep in Your Step: One Girl's Fashion Favorites

{by Bianca Wohleking}

Hello InsideOut blog!
I am so honored to be featured on this beautiful and holy blog!
I've been praying for this since I was informed about it and it looks wonderful! I adore reading all the girls posts, I feel like you get to know so much about someone through them! I admire this so much...

So talking fashion, I absolutely love. I love putting things together that put a pep in your step and a brighter smile to your face.

So much, that I run a Modest Fashion series on my blog to spark the mind with new ideas on how to maintain your dignity while accentuating your God-given feminine beauty!
I thought the best way to do this was tell you some of my favorite and show a little bit of my personal style faves! :)

First things first is accessories. In any season it's always what I buy the most of because it makes anything basic, extraordinary!

My favorite is glasses! 
Glasses automatically make you look polished and motivated.
I may have a set-in mind opinion...

( Hello! That's me and my brother, Nicholas on the first day of home-school this year! :)

Then there are headbands and boots!
So those are my favorite things to dress up in fall with and keep really cute touches that brighten your personality!

Here are a few more pictures from My Style Board that I will be using in the next coming weeks for various different events and times!

Who doesn't love Kate Middleton?
Tights, Tights, Tights!!

This baby has fall fashion down-packed! All the girls sqeal! :: eeeekkk so cute:: I hear it now. :)

Thank you so much to the Sadler ladies whom I personally know! To all the other contributors and readers, nice to "meet" you! 
God Bless you and Shine God's Light!

Peace in Christ,
Bianca Wohleking

(Photography note: all pictures except my two were copied via Pinterest)


  1. Hi,
    I personally adore this blog!!! All posts are wonderful but I especially like this one because of her keen fashion sense and It's like a big Fall welcoming!!! Come on in Fall we've been waiting!!! Great Job!! All of you keep doing what you're doing!

    - Joslin R-

  2. I agree 100% with accessories adding style, especially necklaces and shoes! I love changing up my outfits with long clunky necklaces and then sweet and simple necklaces!
    And, like Joslin, I have to say I'm so excited about fall--I love fall more and more every year!

  3. That baby at the end makes my day! Haha so amazing. :)

    Also, your style is beautiful Bianca, inside and out!